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Quartz Hill Veterinary Clinic   42237 50 St West    Quartz Hill, CA 93536

Telephone (661) 943-7896     FAX (661) 722-5260



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*We're sorry, but discount does not apply to Brachycephalic breeds including:

Boston Terriers, Pekingese, all Bulldogs,

 Boxers, Pugs and high risk patients.

** For pets 2 years old and younger only.






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Welcome to Quartz Hill Veterinary Clinic


At Quartz Hill Veterinary Clinic we're dedicated to providing quality service for the Antelope Valley and surrounding areas. We provide in-house surgeries, a full range of  diagnostic laboratory services, and a complete pet pharmacy.  Quartz Hill Veterinary Clinic is comprised of a modern hospital, surgical unit, radiology department and on-site laboratory.  We emphasize preventive care whenever possible to ensure a happy, healthy and long life for your pet.



Progressive Veterinary Medicine


At Quartz Hill Veterinary Clinic offers state-of-the-art pet health care services including examination, vaccinations, heartworm & parasite prevention, geriatric health care programs for older pets, veterinary dentistry, and nutritional counseling.





Advanced Procedures


We take a special interest in general and orthopedic surgery performing such complex procedures such as Canine Cruciate Repair.  We offer TTA's (Tubial Tuberosity Advancment) and TPLO's (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) as our primary method of surgically stabilizing a cranial ligament deficient stifle joint.  We also offer discount spay & neuter programs and online consultation for general and orthopedic surgical cases and special pet care.   Our multi-doctor practice combines comprehensive analysis to offer your pet the very finest in surgical procedures and health care. We know you have questions and concerns when it comes to your pet's health.  Don't hesitate to contact us at either of our offices if you are in need of help for any pet related problem.


Quartz Hill Veterinary Clinic Staff

Our dedicated Staff is committed to providing you and your pet with the

very best animal care and veterinary services possible at a fair and reasonable price.





You and your pet

are our first priority!














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